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The Secret to Lasting Weight Loss

It’s just not as simple as eat less and move more!

Our exclusive Holistic Weight Loss Program attacks the underlying cause of your weight gain: inflammation. When you have an underlying inflammation problem, your body is unable to effectively utilize fat and sugars. Every day we see patients who have out of control weight gain because of:

  • Toxicity resulting in abnormal fat storage
  • Undiagnosed allergies and sensitivities to foods
  • Inflammatory problems in the digestive system
  • Nutritional deficiencies resulting in poor digestion

Using Nutritional Response Testing and BAX 3000 allergy elimination treatments, we eliminate the true cause of your weight gain. This, combined with our exclusive nutritionally-based weight loss program, repairs your body’s fat processing systems.

Because of our exclusive detoxification program, our patients also experience the positive ‘side effects’ of:

  • No More Food Cravings
  • Naturally Reduced Appetite
  • Restored Metabolism- even after Years of Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Significant Fat Loss in problem areas such as Stomach, Thighs and Hips

We've helped thousands of people just like you achieve their health and weight loss goals. So what are you waiting for? Call now to schedule your consultation - we think you’ll be excited to see how we can change your life, too!

Success Story


Weight Loss
Chronic Health Conditions

I started seeing Dr. Kevin soon after I moved to Portland. I felt discouraged by the efforts of conventional Western medicine to help me resolve my chronic musculoskeletal pain. I was still recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury as well as past exposure to neurotoxins in pesticides. My ...

Jun 23, 2012

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