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BAX 3000

Live Life Allergy Free

Allergies have always been an unfortunate diagnosis, because the only way to truly achieve relief was to eliminate exposure to the allergen.  This was always difficult and often impossible in today’s world of prepared foods and chemical-filled environment.

But recent scientific developments have led to a new technology that has changed everything—the BAX 3000! This $2 million FDA-cleared biofeedback system uses cold laser therapy to reprogram the way your body responds to over 100,000 different substances.  It is:

  • Fast
  • Painless
  • Safe for both children and adults
  • Doesn’t require invasive injections
  • Is 100% holistic

How Does it Work?

A common scenario we run into is a corn allergy.  Let’s say that you are suffering from this- so every time you eat a corn product (which is almost any food that has been processed at all) you get bloating and gas.  These symptoms are signs of a stress response in your body, and evidence of hidden inflammation.  The inflammation is probably causing other problems in your body, even more hidden- intestinal leakage, poor digestion leading to toxic build-up, weight gain and adrenal fatigue. But you have come to the right place, and the BAX 3000 can help.

You simply relax in a comfortable office while our skilled technicians treat you with painless cold lasers, running them over specific acupuncture meridians while exposing you to radio waves that match the frequency of corn, corn derivatives, corn phenolics, vitamins specific to corn, and chemical components in corn.  We are very thorough to make sure that the exact stressor is neutralized.  Then you avoid the allergen until the next morning.  The next time you encounter corn the immune response is much lower.  So no gas, bloating, etc.

We continue the process for approximately 20 treatments, testing for and treating a staggering 100,000 substances during the protocol.  It’s really that easy- our allergy elimination program is the most comprehensive, cutting edge allergy treatment in existence today!


The Only BAX 3000 Treatment Center in the Pacific Northwest!

Northwest Vitality is proud to be one of only 300 clinics nationwide (and the only provider in Washington or Oregon) to utilize the FDA-cleared BAX 3000.  We utilize in-depth testing procedures to determine which substances are affecting your nervous and immune systems, and then provide laser therapy to condition your body to react normally during future real world exposure.

This is what you’ve been looking for.  Check out our success stories to see how our ‘Live Life Allergy Free’ program has been changing lives.  And then give us a call - we think you’ll be excited to see what we can do for you!


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