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Why Northwest Vitality

Why Choose Us as Your Portland Wellness Center?

Have you been told your symptoms are all in your head?
Does your doctor disregard what you are saying?
Are you tired of playing Russian roulette with medications?

Are You Ready to Try Something Different?

Have you been to a lot of doctors?  Most of our clients have.  And they are all so happy to report how different Northwest Vitality is from all of their previous experiences.  And that is intentional.  We all know the current model of healthcare is broken.  At Northwest Vitality, we don’t think it has to stay that way.

There’s a Reason You Feel Bad - And We Can Find It

It all starts at your first visit.  One of our caring practitioners will thoroughly investigate to see where the true problem is coming from. The reason your condition keeps coming back, despite everything you’ve tried, is no one has corrected the underlying cause. Some of the things we check are:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Neurological imbalances
  • Low tissue oxygen
  • Problems related to toxicity
  • Parasites and hidden infections

These are the clinically-proven causes of inflammation, pain and degeneration. Do you know why no one has checked you for these things before?  Sadly, most doctors don’t know about them. But if you don’t fix the root cause of your condition, then no matter what you do it’s going to return at some point. So, depending on your case, we may run:

  • A complete metabolic profile, including comprehensive assessment of your thyroid and adrenal glands
  • A complete digestive profile to check for parasites, Candida overgrowth, and other pathogens
  • Specific blood tests to check for hidden autoimmune conditions, infections, allergies, toxicity, and other barriers to healing that most doctors miss

Cutting Edge Treatments for Lasting Results

Of course, testing is only half the battle.  Once we find the exact cause of your condition, we utilize the best technologies and techniques available to heal your body.  And we’re not talking about standard pharmaceuticals with questionable side effects offered at other clinics Portland residents visit.  At Northwest Vitality, we offer you exclusive treatments such as:

  • the BAX3000- we’re the only practice in the Pacific Northwest to offer this painless cold laser that supports healthy responses to food, chemical and environmental stressors
  • A nutritional healing program utilizing pharmaceutical grade supplements customized to your individual needs
  • A method of diagnosis that can identify ailments like food allergies or IBS symptoms and treatment that is innovative and effective
  • A comprehensive diet and homeopathic program that dramatically reduces inflammation, body fat and toxicity in a remarkably short period of time

Putting the ‘Care’ back in Health Care

But the differences don’t stop with the treatments we offer. Northwest Vitality is different in every way from the medical model of care you’ve been dealing with:

  • We respect your time, providing quick access to our practitioners and staff, and efficient appointments that you can count on.
  • We provide a relaxing, soothing healing space that is a serene alternative to the cold, harsh medical offices you’ve experienced in the past.
  • We provide you with caring service because we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction with your care.

And we know that you care about your health and want to be informed, so we make every effort to keep you updated on your care. We’ve all been to the doctor and had tests run, only to never get a call back with the results, much less an explanation of what they mean. That’s why at Northwest Vitality we actively track your progress from week to week and always keep you informed of your improvements and progress.

You deserve the best in health and wellness care- trust us, it’s the best investment you can possibly make.  Call us today to see what we can do for you!

Success Story


Chronic Health Conditions

The overall experience has been amazing! It’s hard to imagine where I would be without Kevin’s help!

Ally Logan
Mar 31, 2015

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