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Out of Town Treatment Program

Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other Health Problems with Long Distance Northwest Vitality

Many of our out-of-state patients do quite well on our comprehensive program.  Our practitioners provide consulting and nutritional guidance over the phone, and we can have the correct labs and necessary supplements shipped directly to your home.  For our out-of-area clients who are seeking to treat irritable bowel syndrome and other food-allergy related health complications using the Bax-3000, we have programs set up with local hotels and an expedited treatment protocol to provide quick relief and minimize travel.

Check back as there will be more information soon!

Success Story


Weight Loss
Chronic Health Conditions

Kevin saved my life using Nutrition Response Testing, the BAX 3000, and nutritional supplements to get my back to optimum health. I was thankful to find him through Groupon, I never would have known about such a great program- JoElle S.*

Jo-Elle S.
Dec 03, 2012

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